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Sohrab’s jamming w. Jeremy Danneman (alto sax) & Lautaro Burgos (drums), April 5, 2013

This is an iPhone recording of a jam session Sohrab had with Jeremy Danneman on alto sax & Lautaro Burgos on drums. Sohrab met Jeremy on the Lorimer Street (L line) platform when he was getting ready to play Bach music on his horn. Lautaro is a studio buddy with who he’s been jamming a couple of times.


Sohrab jamming with Swiss musicians Manu Koch & Florian Reichle in his studio

Sohrab loves "Tora san". Photo shot in Tokyo's Asakusa district
Sohrab loves “Tora san”. Photo shot in Tokyo’s Asakusa district

January 5th 2013 Sohrab invited two very talented Swiss musicians to jam with him in his New York-Williamsburg studio: New York based keyboardist and composer Manu Koch and Swiss based PEDRA PRETA‘s drummer Florian Reichle.  The session was so much fun and productive that Sohrab wants both musician joining his band in the near future. Enshallah. It was the first time for Sohrab to play with Manu and the second time with Florian.
The music they played was totally improvised, although Sohrab came up with ideas of his own and integrated them in the improv to give the Swiss musicians an idea how his music concept would work.
In fact the melody you hear in this recording is already a half finished new composition. The jam was recorded by iPhone. The last two minutes are missing due to technical problems.

As you might know Sohrab has two other Swiss musicians in his band: Swiss Chris on drums and Derek Nievergelt on bass who were also the rhythm section in four tracks of Nu World Trash. The ex bassist Damon Banks hooked up Manu with Sohrab. And the Swiss sax player Christoph Irniger recommended Florian to Sohrab.

No wonder that Sohrab was born in Zurich?!

Here are the two sound files: