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One uncut take of a scene from director Ed Haas’ new short film entitled “Death and the Dancer”, filmed one summer day in New York City’s Central Park. This silent film tells the story of a Dancer in love with life, who is suddenly confronted with Death who has come to take her away. Dancer played by Nancy Vining Van Ness. Death played by Lorenzo Valoy. Saxaphone player and composer is Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi. Producer is Johanna Heinemann-Haas.


Title: Pinus Strobus
Artist: Barbara Siegel
Filmmaker: Augusta Palmer
Music: composed by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi (performed by The Tehran Dakar Brothers)

1927 Sleeping Pillow, P.J. O’Leary U.S. patent no. 1,617,822
Pinus Strobus Pillow is based on a patent filed in 1927 by Edward M. Murphy for a sleep-inducing pillow “with an aromatic pocket to be sewn on the surface thereof.” The particular concept and design of the pillow was inspired by the work of horticulturist Sidney Waxman (1923-2005), who dedicated a lifetime to propagating at least 40 varieties of beautiful and aromatic dwarf conifers. The scent of pine oil embedded in green pine cone pockets on the surface of the pillow is meant to induce sweet dreams.

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