SoSaLa “Nu World Trashed”

Nu World Trashed by SoSaLa:  Powerful “Nu Trash Music” with Powerful Messages – SoSaLa’s long awaited release brings a voice of hope

I love it! I’m blessed to be on it! Indeed! I am blessed to groove with the grand artists who made this song! It is soulful, powerful and political! I love it!!” – Dr. Cornel West (a.k.a. The Blues Man)

Artist: SoSaLa
Title: Nu World Trashed
Format: CD (autographed limited edition) 
Cat.# / Label: DBDCD002 / DooBeeDoo Rec
UPC Code: 9526903339
Street Date: Friday, December 11, 2020 
Listen here:



12/11/20 – After building overwhelming anticipation, saxophonist, composer, improviser, and producer SoSaLa and company (an assemblage of world class musicians, including a spoken word feature by well-known activist, educator, author and MC Dr. Cornell West) are taking its unique fusion of electronic, jazz, contemporary and Middle Eastern music to a new level with the release of Nu World Trashed. Released on NYC’s DooBeeDoo Records.

SoSaLa (whose real name is Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi, a Swiss born Iranian who’d also lived in Germany and Japan, and presently lives in the US) has performed, toured (Europe, Hong Kong, Africa and the United States) and recorded as a leader with his own bands (SoSaLa, Alef, Sadato, Tehran-Dakar Brothers, etc.). In his long career he’s performed with well-known artists, such as Mali’s Pop star Salif Keita in Tokyo, Bamako and at the Apollo Theater, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Morroco’s Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of JaJouka, etc.

He was invited to the Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) and the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland). SoSaLa also studied under the mentorship of legendary jazz musician Ornette Coleman. In his four decades music career he released several CDs on his own labels. Besides being a professional musician he’s also a music activist and founded the musician rights organization Musicians For Musicians (MFM) in 2015.

Nu World Trashed is a continuation of SoSaLa’s first release Nu World Trash. The title describes the “Nu World” created by the Internet, and “trashed” by it. It consists of seven studio tracks (collaborations with various musicians and producers) and two live tracks performed by the band SoSaLa. Recorded between 2014 and 2020, it is a concept album that expresses hope and compassion. The music invites the listener to sit down, take a moment during this crazy time for some much-needed soul searching. It inspires our humanity and wisdom to find the light in the dark tunnel. 

This CD is a high-end product, autographed limited edition of 300 copies, with a retail price of $50. This bold move is a refusal to accept the devaluation of music.


  1. Welcome Nu World – SoSaLa, Hubl Greiner and Paul Amrod  – 5:34. (Recorded at Klang und Hammer Studio, Konstanz/Germany), June 2020.)
  2. Enough Is Enough – SoSaLa –  5:20. (Recorded at SHIFTED RECORDING STUDIO, New York, May 12, 2014.)
  3. Mystical Full Moon Hymn for Ornette Coleman (Feat. SoSaLa) Genetic Drugs and SoSaLa – 4:14. (Recorded at Pharma Tunes, Berlin/Germany, January, 2020. And licensed from Pharma Tunes.)
  4. Sad, Sad, Sad Sake – SoSaLa – 10:39. (Live performance at CA Music Room, New York, December 20, 2017.)
  5. Anybody Out There? (Feat. SoSaLa) Genetic Drugs and SoSaLa6:54.  Recorded at Pharma Tunes, Berlin/Germany), January, 2020. And licensed from Pharma Tunes.) – Video:
  6. What’s What?SoSaLa – 4:57. (Live performance at CA Music Room, New York, December 20, 2017.)
  7. My Shushtari  – SoSaLa – 15:39. (Recorded at David Shively Frost Studio, New York, March 5th, 2014.)
  8. Anybody Out There? (Lift Off) Feat. SoSaLa – Genetic Drugs and SoSaLa – 1:56. (Recorded at Pharma Tunes , Berlin/Germany, January, 2020. And licensed from Pharma Tunes.)
  9. Intro Music – SoSaLa – 8:06. (Recorded at David Shively Frost Studio, New York,  March 5th, 2014.) – Video: 

Note: Tracks 3, 5 and 8 are licensed from Pharma Tunes (taken from the digital album Genetic Drugs Waves For The Universe, released February 4th, 2020).
Listen to and purchase these 3 tracks here:

About the First Four Tracks

1. WELCOME NU WORLD. This song starts with a recording of people clapping to express gratitude to the essential workers from SoSaLa’s NY apartment’s window in April 2020. The saxophone melody is an adaption of “Welcome New Iran” from the CD Nu World Trash. This fascinating blend of world jazz within the context of cinematic sound collage uplifts the listener’s dark emotions, and gives consolation during the pandemic. SoSaLa (tenor sax), Hubl Greiner (electronics, programming, recording, arranging, mixing and track mastering) and Paul Amrod (electric piano).

Listen here:

2. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This is a protest song and the anticipated hit song of the album which comes with a video of the same title (link here). Supporting the Justice For Jazz Artists Campaign of 2014. Dr. Cornel West is featured, whose words underscore both the need for unity, and the validity of each voice in the community. Percussions by Senegalese Mar Gueye and Massamba Diop were taken from the “Nu Persian Flamenco” from Nu World Trash. The music combines the best elements of the “conscious” jazz from the 60s & 70s, with a modern world percussion groove.

Watch and listen here:

3. Mystical Full Moon Hymn for Ornette Coleman. This is a tribute song to SoSaLa’s mentor Ornette Coleman. It was originally recorded as a video and posted on FaceBook. Producer Genetic Drugs from Berlin secured permission to remix it. The world jazz sensibility is presented in a context that suggests reggae / dub. This track is licensed from Genetic Drugs (Pharma Tunes).

Listen here:

And watch the video of the original recording at Riverside Park (NY):

4. Sad, Sad, Sad Sake. it’s a live rendition of the original track “Sad Sake” from Nu World Trash. A melancholic bluesy tune inspired by a similarly-named song made famous by the legendary Japanese Enka singer Hibari Misora. Performed by SoSaLa on sax, David Belmont on dobro and percussion, Kaveh Haghtalab on kemancheh and Baba Donn Eaton on percussion.

Watch and listen here:

The Musicians

SoSaLa – tenor and soprano saxophones, vocals (All Tracks)
Genetic Drugs – drums, syn, bass, vibraphone, keys, atmos, electronics, arranging, mixing and track mastering. (Tracks 3, 5 and 8)
Hubl Greiner – electronics (Track 1)
Paul Amrod – Fender Rhodes (Track 1)
Lautaro Burgos – cymbals (Track 2)
Mike Irish – keyboards & electronics (Track 2)
Dr. Cornel West – spoken word (Track 2)
Masamba Diop – talking drum/tama (Track 2)
Mar Gueye – sabar (Track 2)
David Belmont – dobro, guitar and percussion (Tracks 4 and 6)
Kaveh Haghtalab – kemancheh (Tracks 4 and 6)
Baba Donn Eaton – congas, drums, percussion, harmonica and vocals (Tracks 4 and 6)
Bob Romanowski (no website) – guitar (Track #5)
David Shively – Hungarian cimbalom (Track 7 and 9)

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