Members Bios

Sadato (SoSaLa in 1993) (soprano sax, organ, flute and vocals):

Mark C (guitar): (LIVE SKULL, FUSE)

As a founding member of post-punk bands Live Skull, Fuse, Spoiler and Int’l shades, Mark C has for three decades played an integral role in the hard and uncompromising downtown New York music scene. Releasing their first EP in 1983, Live Skull became a favorite of fans and writers like NY Times’ Robert Palmer for their edgy, transcendent two-guitar sound, that valued melody as much as anarchy. Since reforming in 2018, they have released two LPs, Saturday Night Massacre (2020) and Dangerous Visions (2022).

Mark C also works as a visual artist in Photography and Video, runs the recording studio Deepsea in Hoboken New Jersey, and performs in o13, an experimental electronic/post-punk duo who’s first release is Time Wave Zero.

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David Motamed (bass):

David played bass for a number of NY bands, including the Misguided, Das Damen, Cell, Two Dollar Guitar, and was in backing bands for Arthur Lee and Townes Van Zandt. He’s currently with The Royal Arctic Institute.

James Lo (drums):

James played drums in the bands Live Skull and Chavez, releasing numerous records in the ‘80s and ‘90s on Homestead and Matador.  A retired software engineer, he now works as a sound designer for contemporary dance and has created scores for Neil Greenberg, Jodi Melnick, Vicky Schick, Molly Lieber/Eleanor Smith, Donna Uchizono, Sarah Michelson, and John Jasperse among others. He is the recipient of two New York Dance and

Performance (BESSIE) awards.   

Peter Gordon (tenor sax and Jaw Harp): 

Peter was born in New York and grew up in Virginia and Germany. After attending college in California he moved to New York in 1975, where his Love of Life Orchestra (LOLO) first gained attention at downtown venues such as the Kitchen, CBGB, Mudd Club.

An early proponent of the recording studio as a compositional tool, Gordon produced recordings for LOLO, as well as Arthur Russell, Rhys Chatham, Jill Kroesen, and others. He was music producer for Robert Ashley’s

Video opera Perfect Lives.  

Gordon has an ongoing collaboration of live video-music performances with video artist Kit Fitzgerald. He has composed four operas and his work has earned the Obie and Bessie Awards.

Film/tv credits include Joe Versus the Volcano, Desperate Housewives, and The Deuce; collaborations with Lawrence Weiner include films, recordings, and an opera.

In 1990-92 Gordon had residencies in Seoul and Tokyo. He had the good fortune to meet Sohrab at a gallery in Seoul, and they met again in Tokyo, leading to Sohrab performing with Gordon and Yasuaki Shimizu at a Tokyo live house.

Gordon has released sixteen recordings, including the retrospective Love of Life Orchestra (DFA 2010), Beachcombing w/Factory Floor (Optimo 2012), Symphony 5 (Foom 2015), Same Language, Different Worlds  (Ogenesis Records 2016), Condo (Foom 2017), Eighteen (Foom 2018) and Trust in Rock (Unseen Worlds 2019).  Gordon is Professor of Music at Bloomfield College.

Youtube: @pglolo

Twitter:  @pglolo

Instagram: @pg_lolo

Toshimaru Nakamura (guitar):

Toshi hails from Tokyo (Japan). He started his music career playing the electric guitar in various bans before joining SADATO (1991-1995), led by SoSaLa at that time. Recording two CDs with this band and joining SoSaLa for a recording session in NY in 1993.

In 1992 Nakamura formed his own new band A Paragon of Beauty, and the group released the CD A Paragon of Beauty in 1995.

In 1997 he decided to give up playing his guitar for personal and musical reasons. He started to produce electronic music and got deeply involved in improvised music making electronic sounds with a No-Input Mixing Board. As the name of his new instrument says: “No” external sound source is connected to the inputs of the mixing board. By connecting the output cables of the board to the input jacks, waves of feedback are created.

Meanwhile he has released a couple of CDs either solo projects or collaborations with other musicians. He has been performing live concerts in Tokyo and abroad, such as Europe, North America, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Often collaborating with local musicians. He’s been also inviting foreign musicians to Tokyo organizing concerts for them.

He became one of the leaders of the Onkyo scene in Japan; and his No-Input Mixing Board shows him at his purest and most clear.

Martin Bisi (recording engineer and mixer):

SoSaLa recorded at BC Studios, January 1993