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Daft Punk “Get Lucky” (Mystress Remix)

Its been about a year since Daft Punk spilled their latest album, Random Access Memories, and we’ve seen a lot of remixes in the aftermath of it all. Today we’ve got something special and a little different than most of the stuff you’ve heard out there: Brooklyn based dance/bass producer, Mike Irish, aka MYSTRESS, just released this RAD remix of “Get Lucky,” and I guarantee its like nothing else out there. The track begins with a deceiving, happy, airy, melodic intro, and drops into a funky, tribal, and somewhat dark groove. He then brings it back to the disco-funk feel, incorporating an amazing live saxophone solo by 60 year old sax shredder, SoSaLa, and tying it perfectly into the second “drop.” MYSTRESS ultimately transforms the track into something completely different from the original, with the only main similarity being the use of bits and pieces of the lyrics. It’s something you can really get weird to on the dance floor, and we like that. So much soul. So much groove. A lot of steez. MYSTRESS is only getting started, so keep an ear out for more killer, unique, original tracks on the horizon. – By