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Daft Punk “Get Lucky” (Mystress Remix)

Its been about a year since Daft Punk spilled their latest album, Random Access Memories, and we’ve seen a lot of remixes in the aftermath of it all. Today we’ve got something special and a little different than most of the stuff you’ve heard out there: Brooklyn based dance/bass producer, Mike Irish, aka MYSTRESS, just released this RAD remix of “Get Lucky,” and I guarantee its like nothing else out there. The track begins with a deceiving, happy, airy, melodic intro, and drops into a funky, tribal, and somewhat dark groove. He then brings it back to the disco-funk feel, incorporating an amazing live saxophone solo by 60 year old sax shredder, SoSaLa, and tying it perfectly into the second “drop.” MYSTRESS ultimately transforms the track into something completely different from the original, with the only main similarity being the use of bits and pieces of the lyrics. It’s something you can really get weird to on the dance floor, and we like that. So much soul. So much groove. A lot of steez. MYSTRESS is only getting started, so keep an ear out for more killer, unique, original tracks on the horizon. – By dankvibes.com/

SoSaLa 1st And Last Concert of 2017: Sounds Beginning Before An Ending, Sounds Ending After A Beginning

SoSaLa will be performing at CA Music Room on Wednesday evening, December 20, 2017. They will playing songs from their CD Nu World Trash as well as new material.

SoSaLa is led by saxophonist and vocalist Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi. Their music blends melancholic melodies Ladjevardi’s native Iran with improvisation, lo-fi electronics, and diverse instrumentation to create an ambient and psychedelic take on World music.

Bill Friskics-Warren of The Washington Post wrote:

Freedom, as in civil liberties and free jazz, is the word that best captures “Nu World Trash,” the irrepressible debut by SoSaLa, the intercontinental collective led by Iranian saxophonist and activist Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi. Boasting a formidable musical résumé, Ladjevardi has worked with everyone from Malian pop star Salif Keita to Ornette Coleman and Bachir Attar of Morocco’s Master Musicians of Jajouka. 

Performing on December 20 will be regulars Baba Don Eaton (congas, percussion and backing vocals) and Kaveh Haghtalab (Kamancheh), alongside guest musician David Belmont (dobro and percussion).

What can you expect? Sounds you haven’t heard before, which will surprise and make you imagine things.

Contact: Clara Aich, 212-686-4220 (email hidden; JavaScript is requiredwww.aichstudio.com)

George Crotty

Canadian Cellist George Crotty joined SoSaLa!

George Crotty will add some fresh Canadian air to the SoSaLa ambience

Yesterday a young Canadian cellist George Crotty joined SoSaLa. He’s the 2nd cellist from Boston’s Berklee School joining my collective music project. The other cellist is Naseem Alatrash.
Yesterday we jammed in his apartment in Bushwick. I loved the sound of his cello. Thanks Alejandro Castellano for bringing us together!!!!
In-between the jam we talked about musician rights and issues and of course also about Musicians For Musicians, Inc – MFM. He agreed that music and business go hand in hand. In a second he decided to join MFM and wants to advocate #MakingMusicIsAProfession in his home town Toronto.
More about him here: www.georgecrotty.com

About George Crotty

George Crotty is a crossover cellist from Toronto, Canada. He retraces his family lineage to both Irish fiddlers in Co. Clare, and a family of proud Jewish musicians descended from Felix Mendelssohn. A recent graduate of the Berklee College of Music, George aspires to forge a new linguistic path for the cello, integrating elements from Eastern, Celtic, and Jazz traditions.  He looks to cello pioneers like Eugene Friesen, Natalie Haas, Mark Summer, and Erik Friedlander for inspiration, among others.