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City World Radio Network’s CHIRP ABOUT IT: Tonight Sohrab Podcast Interview

Tonight from 8pm to 9pm Roger Blanc and Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardiare are invited to a talk and music podcast interview by the City World Radio Network’s CHIRP ABOUT IT. Radio host is Pat Sainvil. During the interview Roger (acc guitar) and Sohrab (tenor sax) will play some improvised music?! 
The talk will be mainly about MFM and Musicians Rights.

Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Teknofonic Webinar Feat. Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Please check out today’s webinar “Advocacy for Music as a Profession. How to be a voice for change when proposed laws threaten our creative rights.”

Date : Thursday, 14 March 2019
Time : 03:00 pm, Eastern Time (US and Canada), GMT -4

Description: How can we as musicians and producers be a voice for change when proposed laws threaten our creative rights? Whether we act nationally or locally, there is no limit to the difference we can make when united as a community. Join in on a FREE live webinar this Thursday, March 14, at 3 p.m. EDT, with saxophonist, composer, activist and president of Musicians for Musicians Sohrab Saadat Ladjvardi and explore ways to be an advocate for music as a profession and protect the livelihood of future generations.

This event is hosted by Adam Reifsteck
Founder & CEO of Teknofonic Recordings, LLC. Teknofonic is an online artist development community for electronic musicians.

Registration Link: https://teknofonic.com/advocacy

Billy Harper, Morana Mesic and Sohrab

Sohrab w. Jazz Legend Billy Harper WKCR FM Live Interview Tonight

Sohrab and Musicians For Musicians, Inc – MFM with jazz legend Billy Harper and Roger Blanc for the first time on air tonight (on WKCR FM (NY) from 7pm to 9pm) advocating MFM’s mission with fresh air waves announcing #UnityInTheMusicCommunity. Detailed info here: http://musiciansformusicians.org/interview/wkcr-fm-radio-interview-w-billy-harper-roger-blanc-and-sohrab-august-23rd/