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The Tehran-Dakar Brothers (2005 – 2011)

In 2005 Sohrab, who calls himself later SoSaLa, started the Tehran-Dakar Brothers (TT-DB) in Tokyo with the Senegalese sabar player Wagane N’Diaye Rose who is the son of the famous sabar player Dou Dou N’Diaye Rose.

After moving to New York in 2008 Sohrab re-started TT-DB, with Massamba Diop (on talking drum and music director of Baaba Maal) and Mar Gueye (on sabar, a relative of Dou Dou’s)) who are also both from Senegal. (In December he recorded 5 tracks with them at Brooklyn’s BC STUDIOS.)

SoSaLa added many new NY musicians in order to keep his TT-DB fresh and energetic which is based on composed-improvised songs.

Fueled by improvisation, SoSaLa blends original melancholic melodies, and those of his native Iran, with Persian, African and African-American rhythms. His music molded by his international background. Altogether, he calls his music nu world trash, because his music is not just about entertaining people, but also to make them aware of social and political issues.  Every song tells a deep story about people’s life, their struggle and their misfortunes. From the stage he loves to speak with the audience and also asks for participation. 

He sings and performs spoken word in Farsi and English. And his lyrics are very direct and don’t show any poetic expressions. In fact, you can hear some dada-istic influences in his “Sprechgesang.” He wants to challenge the imagination of the musicians and the audience as well. On one hand he is very funny, but on the other hand very serious or angry. Why? Because he cares for people and can’t stand when people terrorize other people.

In addition to Massamba Diop and Mar Gueye following musicians have joined Sohrab:

Damon Banks (b), Swiss Chriss (dr), Derek Nievergelt (b), Alejandro Castellano (g), Kurt Dahlke (electronics), Satish (electric tr), Sylvain Leroux (fula flute), Piruz Partow (electric tar), Ladell Mclin (g). April Centrone (dr & per), Doron Lev (dr), Lukas Ligeti (dr), Al McDowell (b), John Kruth (electric mandolin), Brandon Ross (g), Michael Wimberly (djembe & dr), Lucas Jeanrichard (vibraphone), Jean-Marie Collatin-Faye (djembe) and Sheikh Tairou M’Baye (sabar). and many more.


THE Tehran-Dakar Brothers at BC STUDIOS, December 1, 2008

The line up is: Masamba Diop (on tama/talking drum), Mar Gueye (on sabar) and Sohrab (on sax).


The Tehran-Dakar Brothers @ MICHIKO STUDIO’s (NY), July 9, 2011   

The line up: Sohrab (sax and vocal), Alejandro Castellano (guitar), Michael Wimberly (djembe & drums), John Austria (piano) and Lucas Jeanrichard (vibraphone).

The Tehran-Dakar Brothers Performing “Persian Flamenco” @ Zora Art Space, March 6, 2011

The line up is: Sohrab (sax and vocal), Doron Lev (drums), Alejandro Castellano (guitar), Derek Nievergelt (bass) and Piruz Partow (electric tar).

The Tehran-Dakar Brothers (Brooklyn, NY) at Zora Art Space (NY) Jan 8, 2011. Performing Sad Sake

The line up is: Sohrab (sax and vocal), Doron Lev (drums), Alejandro Castellano (guitar), Satish (electric trumpet) and Sylvain Leroux (fula flute).


The Tehran-Dakar Brothers performing “Vatan Kojai?” @ Coco 66, NY, Sep 5, 2010

The line up is: Sohrab (sax and vocal), Piruz Partow (bass, electric tar), Swiss Chris (drums, djembe) and Alejandro Castellano (guitar).

The Tehran-Dakar Brothers performing “Look At My Face” @ The Local 269 NY, July 12, 2010

The line up is: Sohrab (sax and vocal), Derek Nievergelt (bass), Swiss Chris (drums) and Alejandro Castellano (guitar).


The line up is: Sohrab (sax and vocal), Derek Nievergelt (bass), Swiss Chris (drums) and Alejandro Castellano (guitar).


THE TEHRAN DAKAR BROTHERS play JA-JOU-KA @ Le Poisson Rouge NY Nov 16,2009

The line up is: Sohrab (sax & voc), Swiss Chriss (drums), Derek Nievergelt (bass) and John Kruth (on an ancient Egyptian clarinet, a low d penny whistle and a Gibson mandocello from the early 1900’s).


The line up is: Sohrab (sax and vocal), Lukas Ligeti (drums), Ladell Mclin (guitar) and Al MacDowell (bass)


The line up is: Sohrab (sax and voc), Damon Banks (bass), Brandon Ross (gui), Jean-Marie Collatin-Faye (djembe) and Sheikh Tairou M’Baye (sabar).


The Tehran-Dakar Brothers with Chiha (Tunesis) @ The Baron (Tokyo), December 2007)

The line up is: Wagane N’Diaye Rose (on sabar), Sohrab (on sax) and Chiha (on vocal).


The Tehran-Dakar Brothers @ The DOO BEE FES (Tokyo), November 2005

The line up is: Wagane N’Diaye Rose (on sabar) & Sohrab (on sax)

City World Radio Network’s CHIRP ABOUT IT: Tonight Sohrab Podcast Interview

Tonight from 8pm to 9pm Roger Blanc and Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardiare are invited to a talk and music podcast interview by the City World Radio Network’s CHIRP ABOUT IT. Radio host is Pat Sainvil. During the interview Roger (acc guitar) and Sohrab (tenor sax) will play some improvised music?! 
The talk will be mainly about MFM and Musicians Rights.

Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Teknofonic Webinar Feat. Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Please check out today’s webinar “Advocacy for Music as a Profession. How to be a voice for change when proposed laws threaten our creative rights.”

Date : Thursday, 14 March 2019
Time : 03:00 pm, Eastern Time (US and Canada), GMT -4

Description: How can we as musicians and producers be a voice for change when proposed laws threaten our creative rights? Whether we act nationally or locally, there is no limit to the difference we can make when united as a community. Join in on a FREE live webinar this Thursday, March 14, at 3 p.m. EDT, with saxophonist, composer, activist and president of Musicians for Musicians Sohrab Saadat Ladjvardi and explore ways to be an advocate for music as a profession and protect the livelihood of future generations.

This event is hosted by Adam Reifsteck
Founder & CEO of Teknofonic Recordings, LLC. Teknofonic is an online artist development community for electronic musicians.

Registration Link: https://teknofonic.com/advocacy