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Billy Harper, Morana Mesic and Sohrab

Sohrab w. Jazz Legend Billy Harper WKCR FM Live Interview Tonight

Sohrab and Musicians For Musicians, Inc – MFM with jazz legend Billy Harper and Roger Blanc for the first time on air tonight (on WKCR FM (NY) from 7pm to 9pm) advocating MFM’s mission with fresh air waves announcing #UnityInTheMusicCommunity. Detailed info here:

SoSaLa and Sohrab: sorrrrrry for not updating our website!

I’ve been so busy with my work as the president for Musicians For Musicians, Inc (MFM). Of course, I’m still a 24/7 professional musician. Practicing, composing and jamming in my spare time.

Here’s a short video of mine which I shot with my iPhone last week at my spot @ the Riverside Park (NY) late at night..

As you know I can’t and don’t want to separate my music from socio-political activities. I love my job…my work…my profession which I want to share with my peers.

I strongly believe that we musicians must organize! In a modern way.

David Liebman
Legendary sax player David Liebman (photo by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi)

MFM started two weeks ago a hashtag campaign (#MakingMusicIsAProfession) to make musicians and the public aware that we musicians work like any other professionals and need to get compensated for our “work.” (More about MFM and her mission, please check the MFM website.)

Please participate in this campaign. If you believe in MFM already, please get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the platform of your choice and snap a photo of yourself displaying our mission: #MakingMusicIsAProfession. Be proud and say it loud!

I’m going to remake this website very soon. I started to book SoSaLa for 2017, such as house concerts, festivals and maybe one NY show in spring.

Yesterday I became a member of the on-line booking portal GigSalad. Maybe I can get some gigs through them.