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Kamyar Arsani

Kamyar Arsani (DC) Joins SoSaLa In the Greenpoint Gallery Show, October 12th

Kamyar ArsaniKamyar Arsani will perform with SoSaLa at the Greenpoint Gallery (NY), October 12th. He will bring his daf and will beat some powerful Sufi rhythms. 

Kamyar Arsani was born in Tehran, Iran. A multi-instrumentalist, Sufi poet, from age 7 he studied Daf (Iranian frame drum) with Master Bijan Kamkar. After mastering the Daf, Kamyar learned Kemancheh (Iranian bowed string instrument) with Master Ardeshir Kamkar and Sohrab Pournazeri. In the midst of the Green Revolution in 2009, Kamyar left Iran and now resides in Washington, DC.

Dawoud Kringle​ reviewed DC’s Kamyar Arsani’s new cassette and digital release:

SoSaLa “Enough Is Enough” (Promo Video)

Here is a teaser/promo chopped up by ‎Hoody Alan for ‎SoSaLa’s  ‎Enough Is Enough‬ cinematic music video. Music isn’t just about Hip Hop and Pop. There’s a whole world of music out there. Directed and edited by Outduhbox Media‬… breaking boundaries… No limit to creativity. ‪#‎LexLukas ‬ ‪#‎outduhbox ‬‪#‎vagabondpicture‬

The musicians are Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi (vocals and tenor sax), Baba Don Eaton (sabar), Kaveh Haghtalab (drums), Monday Salnave (bass) and Caridad Rivera (keyboard) and Kamyar Arsani (daf).  The actor is the great Tim Schuebel.