Sohrab playing @ the “Vigil for Neda”/Union Square, July 30 & TT-DB @ The Gershwin Hotel, August 8, 20009

The Tehran-Dakar Brothers (TT-DB) is the brainchild of Iranian sax player Sohrab Saadat. Fueled by improvisation, Sohrab blends original melancholic melodies, and those of his native Iran, with Persian, African and African-American rhythms. Altogether, Sohrab calls his music new world trash. His music molded by his international background. In December of 2008 Sohrab started TT-DB, with Masamba Diop (on talking drum) and Mar Gueye (on sabar) both from Senegal.

But since then he added up following NY muscians: Damon Banks (bass), Brandon Ross (guitar),the Senegalese Sheikh Tairou M’Baye (sabar) and Jean-Marie Collatin-Faye (djembe) Lukas Ligeti (drums), Ladell Mclin (guitar), Al MacDowell (bass) and Yvette Perez (vocal and voice).

The Tehran-Dakar Brothers lined up two concerts in NYC recently!!!

1. Event: Vigil for Neda
” silent vigil of commemoration for Neda’s 40th day of martyrdom”
What: Protest
Host: Where is My Vote ? – New York Chapter
Start Time: Thursday, July 30 at 7:30pm
End Time: Thursday, July 30 at 9:30pm
Where: Union Square Park

I played on my sax after the vigil ended.

Message from the organizer:

Dear Friends,

This Thursday the 30th of July marks the 40th day since the tragic death of Neda Agha-Soltan. In her remembrance, numerous mourning ceremonies will take place in Iran and around the world.

While simply standing on the street, Neda Agha-Soltan was shot in the chest by government militias. As videos of this unfortunate event surfaced on the internet, her death sparked international condemnation. To this day, however, no committee has investigated the circumstances behind her murder and the Iranian government has not taken any measures to arrest and prosecute those responsible. The official response has consisted of threats and intimidation directed at Neda’s family, accusations that western governments were behind her murder, and a request for an international warrant for Arash Hejazi, the doctor who tried to save her life.

The despicable rhetoric of the Iranian government has only strengthened our will, and we demand Truth and Justice for Neda.

Please join us for a silent vigil of commemoration in New York City on Thursday July 30th, 7:30-9:30pm in Union Square Park (Park Ave. & 14th St.) in order to remind the Iranian government that we are all Neda.

Participants are asked to take a vow of silence for the duration of the vigil. We request that there be no speeches, no chants, no structures, no marches, no flags, no factions. Candles and flowers are optional. We will distribute handheld Neda “masks” that comply with legal standards.

In solidarity,

Where is My Vote? – New York Chapter

2. Venue: THE GERSHWIN HOTEL (7 E.27th St.)

  • Date: 08/08/2009
  • Time: PM 8:00 (two sets)
  • Cost:$10.00
  • Website:

Description: This was another nu world trash concert of TT-DB. The new members were Lukas Ligeti on drums, Al MacDowell on bass and Ladell McLin on guitar. The theme of the concert was related to Iran and its freedom movement.

Soundfile of the 2nd set.