Pyrolator with guest Sohrab at WFMU, April 12, 2010

Sunday, April 12th, 2010, Midnight – 3am: Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator with guest appearance: Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi on sax, on WFMU 91.1 fm 90.1 fm

The host is Daniel Blumin.

The run-around drill sergeant of love meets the freeform radio nurse in an international popularity crisis. Twang, dub, noise, rockers, aliens, drum machines, foreigners, imported goods, songs, rumbles, hollers, blips and squiggles along with an occasional musical number.
Listen live to WFMU:

Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator is a key figure in the history of German New Wave. In addition to being a member of the great off-kilter electropop trio Der Plan, Dahlke was a founding member of the first incarnation of D.A.F, whose debut album was the initial release on Ata Tak, the label co-founded by Dahlke that went on to release the music of seminal bands such as Die Todliche Doris, Wirtschaftwunder and Oval. Since the Eighties Kurt has continued collaborating, composing and playing in bands (A Certain Frank) and producing and remixing acts (Kreidler, to rococo rot, Fehlfarben).

Currently in New York for a few weeks playing some shows w/ Lukas Ligeti’s Burkina Electric project, Dahlke is dropping by WFMU for a Pyrolator live set of unreleased electronic material using the Lightning II controller (built by Don Buchla!) that allows him to control the music by the movement or the pressure of his hands. And that ain’t all.

Pyrolator will then take control and spin tracks of Ata Tak past and present as well as some other choice musik aus Deutschland. In between we’ll chat about Dusseldorf and German punk and new wave as well as Herr Pyrolator’s more recent adventures. Tune in and Pyrolate wildly!

Download soundfile of the live show at WFMU