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“Now, after tirelessly devoting himself to building Musicians For Musicians (MFM), and achieving astonishing success with the project, SoSaLa has returned with a new release.
Nu World Trashed takes the concept of his previous release and expands it into new realms. The title describes the “Nu World” created by the Internet; and how we are “trashed” by it. It is a plea to remember and prioritize our humanity in a world that constantly seeks to reduce us to a commodity.” – Dawoud Kringle (DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY, 12/19/2020)

Kamyar Arsani (SoSaLa’s DC member) w. TIME IS FIRE Releases 3-song EP Today

Kamyar ArsaniDooBeeDooBeeDoo NY‘s Dawoud Kringle reviews Time Is Fire (Washington DC) new EP. Fronted by our brother Iranian-born Sufi poet Kamyar Arsani, who’s been a member of SoSaLa since 2014, is backed by players steeped in punk, dance and experimental music.

The new 3-song EP Stories Untold was recorded in one afternoon at Inner Ear recording Studio by Eamonn Aiken, and released by Electric Cowbell Records

Read review here: http://www.doobeedoobeedoo.info/2018/03/17/ep-review-time-is-fire-washington-dc/.

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