1983 – SADATO GROUP In The Woods of Japan LP (unreleased yet)

1984SADATO GROUP  SADATO GROUP  7 inch single (Kang Gung Rec, Japan)



1987 ALEF Hajime LP  (Kampai Rec , Japan)



1989 – SADATO  Tenbatsu  CD (Kampai Rec) With Hideki Kato on bass, Hideo Yamaki on drums & drums machine, Mutsuhiko Izumi on guitar & bass, Teppu Maeda on shakuhachi & shinobue, Toshihiro Taniike on percussion and Manami Tsunekuni on voice)



1990 – SADATO Dill CD  (Strange Ways Rec , Germany). With Hideki Kaoto on bass & Alesis drum machine, Makio Tada on drums and Alesis and Rolf Kirschbaum on guitar.)



1991 – SADATO Bogu music video (Kampai Rec) 

1992 – SADATO 1992 CD (Atonal Rec, Germany). With Damon Banks on bass, Tony Lewis on drums, Dina Emerson on voice, Ken Yamazaki on percussion & electric vibes, Martin Bisi on voice and Toshimura Nakamura on guitar)



1993 – SADATO Man music video (Kampai Rec )


1993 – Sohrab & NY Friends So What MCD (not released yet)

1995 – SADATO No More Reggae CD  (+ bonus CD Rom track) (Musical Strategies, Germany). With Masaki Shimizu on bass and back vocal, Ryo Kato on drums and back vocal, Tatsuya Watanabe on synthesizer and back vocal and Martin Bisi on back vocal.

1996 – SADATO Cha Cha CD (POP BIZ Rec, Germany). With Masaki Shimizu on bass and back vocals, Ryo Kato on drums and back vocals, Tatsuya Watanabe on synthesizer and back vocals and Martin Bisi on back vocal)



1997 – SADATO Yallah music video (Kampai Rec) 




1998 – SADATO As Ever promo MCD (POP BIZ REC)



2011 – SoSaLa Nu World Trash CD (DooBeeDoo Rec, US)


SADATO On Compilations

1990- V.A. Alien Style Presents: What The Hell Is Jazzid? LP (Alien Style/Strange Ways Rec, Germany)

1993 – V.A. International Avant-garde Conference Vol.3 CD (Metrotron Rec, Japan) 


1994- V.A. That’s POP BIZ  CD (POP BIZ Rec, Japan) 

“Persian Flamenco” (Track 14) from the CD 1992     

1995 – V.A. POP BIZ Vol.2 CD (POP BIZ Rec) 

“Khastam” (Track19)  exclusive track!


POP BIZ Sampler 31996 – V.A. POP BIZ Vol.3 CD (POP BIZ Rec)

 “When I Was Young” (Track 07)  from the CD Tenbatsu


Sohrab’s Guest Appearances

1992 – The Blech Liebeslieder CD (Jaro Rec, Germany)

1993 – SOFT BALLET Incubate CD (Victor Entertainment, Japan)

1995 – A.I.D.S. Gott Im Zorn CD (Aho Recording, Germany)

1997- Mighty John Henry Hot Air Head  CD (ALIDA/Creativeman Disc, Japan)

2009 – Martin Bisi Son of A Gun CD (digital Ep)  “Mile High- Formaldehyde”

2009 – Ornette Coleman & The Master Musicians of Jajouka (not released yet)

PASCAL PLANTINGER even angels...cover


2011 – Pascal Plantinga Even Angels Take Detours CD & LP (Ata Tak Rec, Germany)





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