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SoSaLa – a  music collective founded in New York in 2011 – is fueled by improvisation, diverse instruments such as electric guitar, fula flute, piano, vibraphone, sabar, electric tar, electric trumpet and electronics, blending melancholic melodies, with those of founder, front-man and sax player Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi aka SoSaLa’s native Iran. The rhythm section blends Persian, African and African-American rhythms and instruments.

SoSaLa’s vocals give a dada-istic touch to social and political issues. The music is molded by his international background, as an Iranian raised in Germany who later moved to Japan, and now New York City.

Boasting a formidable musical résumé, SoSaLa has worked with Malian pop star Salif Keita to the jazz legend Ornette Coleman and Morocco’s Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jajouka.

Regular Members:

Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi– Saxes and vocals
David Belmont – Dobro and percussion
Chris Coluzzi – drums
Jaen-Marie Collatin-Faye – djembe & percussion

Ex Members:

Baba Don Eaton – Percussion, harmonica and back vocals
Kaveh Haghtalab – Kamancheh
Greg Crotty – (electric) cello
Sylvain Leroux – fula flute
Lautaro Burgos – Drums
Greg Zweiben – Bass
Michael Wimberly – Drums
Brian Prunka – Oud
Sinan Gundogdu – Oud
Damon Banks – bass
John Pietaro – vibraphone
Dawoud Kringle – Sitar and Dilruba
Swiss Chris – Drums
Piruz Partow – Electric Tar and Bass
Doron Lev – Drums
Alejandro Castellano – Guitar
Derek Nievergelt – Bass
Dave Ross – Guitar
Marko Pankovich – Electric Guitar
Jeremy Danneman – clarinet
April Centrone – Drums
Billy Ficca – Drums
Lukas Ligeti – Drums
Ladell Mclin – Guitar
Al MacDowell – Bass
Mar Gueye – Sabar
Satish – Electric trumpet

SoSaLa calls his music nu world trash.  And toured the US in following US cities: New Orleans, Chicago, Washington DC, Baltimore, and other cities. Here is the list of the cities and its members in the US:


SoSaLa’s Nu World Trash new release CD party happened at Manhattan’s Nublu, March 6th, 2012, with Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi on sax and vocals, Damon Banks on bass, Michael Wimberly on drums & dembe, Sinan Gundogdu on oud and Brian Prunka on guitar. Guest appearance by Sylvain Leroux on fula flute who played on three songs of the album.


When you listen to Welcome New Iran you here voices and sounds in the background which were taken from two YouTube video footage.


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