SoSaLa – “Enough is Enough” (protest song) Video Shoot

EIE NY logo designed by YasiDate: Friday, December 26th, 2014
Time: 1pm-6pm
Location: Club Nublu (62 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009)
Purpose: inviting 10 to 15 extras (male and female) to participate for free (please email me your attendance to email hidden; JavaScript is required)

This will be the main shots for the video.

I would like everyone to be there by 12:45pm so we can meet and discuss and shoot outdoor scene before club opens at 2pm.

Although extras will not be needed for every scene, extras will be needed present during the full duration of the shoot, unless otherwise instructed

we will only need about 10-15 extras, but more are welcome.

extras will be separated into two groups: Indoor club crowd and Outdoor protest crowd.

Sohrab is a Jazz artist, and Nublu is a Jazz club/lounge, I would like if the extras dressed the part of Jazz fans..

Males: Button down shirts, slacks if possible if not jeans are welcome, HATS!! Fedoras or Kangols if you got them.. Bring them.. bring extra for others if possible

Females: this is the time to show off those fancy dresses if possible.. anything shiny welcome, if not Jeans with a nice blouse, silk like scarves and tops welcome.. Again Hats (not baseball caps) are a plus ++++

12:45 – 1:00pm: Meet and Greet video discussion

1:00pm – 2:00pm shoot outdoor protest scene

A shots:

close up shots of extras protesting holding signs

close up shots of signs

extras chanting enough is enough, social justice, etc.

B shots:

sohrab walking through protesters

Sohrab walking up stairs in club

protestors marching up stairs towards club

2:00pm – 2:30pm – Equipment setup (lights, cameras)

2:30 pm – 6pm – Indoor club shoot

A shots

wide angle center of band playing (tripod)

Low angle side of Band (tripod)

side angle mid (tripod)

closeups still shots of individual members (tripods)

hand held motion shots of band members (1 regular, 1 Fisheye)

close up shot of Sohrab repeating words into microphone

closeup hand held motion of instruments

closeup shots of crowd sitting down enjoying music (bottle props) (tripod)

closeup shots of club owner smoking cigar and counting money laughing

B shots

shot of crowd getting up walking towards stage

shot of crowd near stage chanting pumping fists

shot of owner getting mad pointing to get out of club

shot of crowd turning heads slowly around looking at club owner (owner pov)

shot of crowd closing in on owner (pov)

side wide angle mid of owner backing away

side low angle of owner backing away

owner tripping backwards crawling away

pov owner of crowd closing in hands reaching

side shot of crowd closing in hands reaching

club owner engulfed, money being ripped from him and thrown in air (prop money)

C shots

protestors rushing in

club owner thrown out

close ups of bar, money, cigar