Music project with Iran’s Kaveh Haghtalab performing revolutinary Iranian music!!!

Photo by Glenn Cornett (Spectrum)
Photo by Glenn Cornett (Spectrum)

Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi on sax and vocals will start a side project with Iran’s Kaveh Haghtalab on kamancheh. The name of the project is still t.b.a.. In fact Kaveh has been a member of SoSaLa since November 2013.And they played as a duo together for the first time at Cafe Nadery (NY), October 1, 2013. This concert was the initiator for this new project.

Here is a review and a video of this concert published in DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY (October 16, 2013): Concert Review: Kaveh Haghtalab and (guest) Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardy play the Persian blues… It was all poetry…!

Their repertoire will consist of original and arranged Persian music. With their music this duo wants to reach out to Iranian or Persian-American people who were born here and don’t know much or anything about Iran. The idea is to play music which feels new and fresh and touches people’s hearts. Their intention is to play music which expresses musically “the Iran of today or tomorrow.”

About Kaveh Haghtalab

Kaveh, an Iranian kamancheh player and drummer, born in Mashhad in 1982, but grew up in Tehran. moved to New York in March 2012. He grew up in a musical family listening to his parents playing Persian classical music. His mother taught him music from the age of 9. He started to play kamancheh when he was 11. Since the age of 14 he has been performing professionally with various music ensembles at various festivals and events in Iran. He studied under Saeed Farajpoori, Ahmad Mirhashemi, and Ostad Majid Kiani. Eventually he joined the Persian classical music ensemble “Center For Preservation And Research of Iranian Music.”

Besides playing the kamancheh Kaveh also fell in love with the Western drums. Like many of the Iranian young people he loved rock music. By the age of 23 he decided to practise the Western drums. He took drum lessons and joined later several rock and  jazz groups in Tehran. He holds a bachelor degree in computer engineering from the Azad University in Tehran. Since coming to New York he enrolled as a drum student at The Collective School of Music in Manhattan, New York.