Video Report: SoSaLa 2nd Chicago 2013 Invasion From 12/5 Through 12/10/2013

Concert Dates

SoSaLa @ Dittmar Gallery, December, 5, 2013
SoSaLa @ Dittmar Gallery, December, 5, 2013

Thursday, Dec 5th: Dittmar Gallery in the Norris University Center

Friday, Dec 6th: Cafe Mustache Saadat (sax)/Billington (drums) Duo with Terrors and Man Meat & Boy Strange.
Saturday, Dec 7thQ4/Multikulti. With Comfort Food as opening act.
Sunday, Dec 8th: 32forty. Sharing the stage with Doug Lofstrom and New Quartet.
Monday, Dec 9th: Caravan
Tuesday, Dec 10th: Jerry’s, Ears and Eyes Music Series, sharing the stage with Cortex and  Bushman’s Revenge (both bands from Norway).
The line up was: Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi on sax & vocals, Steve Marquette on guitar, Lucas Gillan on drums & djembe and Alex Wing on bass & oudDaniel Thatcher on electric bass and Greg Essig on drums.

Live Videos

SoSaLa @ Jerry’s

More videos:

Saadat (sax)/Billington (drums) Duo @ Cafe Moustache

Another one:

Radio Interviews

SoSaLa w. WNUR Chicago host Eric Ricks, December 6, 2013
SoSaLa w. WNUR Chicago host Eric Ricks, December 6, 2013

Friday, Dec 6th: WNUR FM interview with host Eric Ricks at 11:30am and live performance by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi, Alex Wing (oud) and Lukas Gillen (djembe).

Q4 radio (Chicago)Saturday, Dec 7th: Q4 AM with hosts Bill Turck and Brian Murray.

Sohrab’s interview starts from 00:35:00. And he performs “Sohrab’s Shushtari” from 01:12:13.

Again interview and peformnance of “Low Key Blues” from 01:47:27.

You can listen to the whole interview and live performances here: