SoSaLa w. WNUR Chicago host Eric Ricks and Alex Wing (oud), March 8, 2013 (Photo by Jessica Jiayue Peng)

Back from Chicago with a good feeling!!

Photp by Jessica Jiayue Peng (WNUR)
Alex Wing, Eric Ricks & Sohrab (Photp by Jessica Jiayue Peng/WNUR)

Sohrab gave three guest lectures at ISU (Illinois Stata University). one house concert, one guest appearance w. HASTAS, one radio interview w. Erick Ricks of WNUR FM 89.3 plus performing “Nu Persian Flamenco” live with his oud player  Alex Wing, and most important his last Friday show @ Surplus Of Options with SoSaLa (with Alex,  Steve Marquette on guitar and Lucas Gillan on drums & djembe). All these things went fine. He was very happy how it worked out with his new members. They really played together. Sounded like a rehearsed band, although most of the music was improvised.

As a result of the cool performance many SoSaLa CDs were sold. The Chicago CD store Jazz Record Mart (downtown) has a couple of CDs for sale.

Chicago proved again that there’s a demand for “nu world trash (nwt)” music in this country. Even local Iranians or Persian Americans started to like the taste of nwt. Next SoSaLa invasion is planned for May/June Washington DC! Sohrab hopes to play for the president.

“Thank youuuuuu…mochakeram Chicago!!! Will be back soon.”

Special thanks especially to Behrooz, Eric, Jessica, Steve, Alex, Lucas, Roxane, Ali, Matthew, Stefen, Kyle, Dan, Pasfarda, Haleh, Surplus Of Options and Vali.